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IDFC in the News

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Business Standard;   Dec 19, 2013

Bitter truths about sugar policies

Times of India;   Dec 17, 2013

Banking licence or not, IDFC to diversify

Business India;   Dec 5, 2013

The folly of policies shaped by politics

Business Standard;   Nov 28, 2013

Infra fund, a money-spinner for IDFC Alternatives

Business India;   Nov 25, 2013

Change is critical.....

Business Standard;   Nov 20, 2013

The good, the bad and the ugly of India's rural transformation

Business India;   Nov 18, 2013

Why I went abroad - 1993

Business Standard;   Nov 6, 2013

Democracy, inclusion and fiscal discipline

Economic Times;   Nov 6, 2013

With markets in his blood, Mahajan pads up for another innings

The Hindu Business Line;   Nov 4, 2013

Jobs Scheme - good in parts

Mint;   Oct 21, 2013

We have become excessively litigious; decision-making suffering

Economic Times;   Oct 3, 2013

Despite Slowdown, Investors Upbeat on India Infra Story, says IDFC Boss

Business Standard;   Sept 26, 2013

We are keen to buy lower-risk operating assets

Business Standard;   Sept 19, 2013

Of markets, politics and policy

Business Standard;   Sept 16, 2013

The situation is grave but hardly hopeless

Economic Times;   Sept 10, 2013

Building trust is critical to talent - intensive company

Economic Times;   Sept 6, 2013

Opportunity to reinvent approach to Financial Inclusion

Financial Express;   Aug 20, 2013

It makes sense for us to be a bank

Hindu Business Line;   Aug 8, 2013

Not all doom and gloom

Hindu Business Line;   Aug 6, 2013

Power sector should be given priority in gas allocation

Hindu Business Line;   Aug 3, 2013

We have to grow our business beyond infrastructure

Fortune India;   July 2013

Why IDFC is changing course

Mint;  July 10, 2013

Financiers seek new revenue streams as delays mar projects

Mid Day;  July 3, 2013

The Chairman with a sense of humour

Economic Times;  July 3, 2013

IDFC Embraces EP Standards to Manage Risks Better

Dalal Street Journal;

Identifying Market Trends

Indian Express; June 17, 2013

There is fortunately no political divide on infrastructure

DNA; June 8, 2013

IDFC stepping up wind power investments

Hindu Business Line; June 8, 2013

The banker who left Wall Street

Business India ; May 27, 2013

A 'bank'able man

Business Standard; May 21, 2013

Entering banking will help us service clients better

Mint; April 23, 2013

Banking is a business that will always remain fragmented

Mint; April 22, 2013

Time is running out for the power sector

India Infoline News Service;  April 17, 2013

Parag Milk Foods enters beverage segment with launch of 'Topp-Up

Mint; April 16, 2013

IDFC's NPAs may rise on tough macro-environment

Business Today;  April 10, 2013

StarAgri Warehousing and Collateral
Management wins in Star SME Agriculture (Small) category

Mint; April 2, 2013

Green Infra to raise Rs. 500 cr from Piramal

Lex Witness; April 2013

Q&A - Rajeev Uberoi

Tehelka; Mar 16, 2013

Protecting the environment is not compatible with our growth projections

Financial Express; Feb 26, 2013

The Tough road ahead

Times of India; Feb 25, 2013

I hope corporate India comes back to invest in infrastructure

Dalal Street Investment Journal; Feb 21, 2013

IDFC Growth Foundations

Mint; Feb 18, 2013

The ease of doing business has deteriorated in last five-six years

Economic Times; Jan 21, 2013

On Track with Reforms, But Political Uncertainity a Worry

Economic Times; Jan 7, 2013

Loan Growth, Govt. Reforms to Sustain IDFC's Momentum

Mint; Jan 3, 2013

Corporate earnings will remain subdued for at least four more quarters